Facebook, oversharing and bamboo fly rods

POST! Okay…these photos belong on Facebook…my children and Kory with their bamboo fly rods and huge trout! For years, Oyster Bamboo Fly Rod’s marketing department (me) has deliberately “opted out” of the Facebook phenomenon.  Deliberate or not…and among other reasons, this marketing department (me) prefers oversharing the old fashioned way (face to face with a […]

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Bamboo Fly Rod Class Day One…

After my first day in class making my first bamboo fly rod,  I have discovered the following: Bill’s job is so much better than mine. Of course, we started with a raw stalk of Tonkin bamboo and 9 hours later ended up with something that kind of resembles some (12) strips of Tonkin bamboo.  Surprisingly, […]

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Bill wins a Winston!?!?!?

So, Bill won a Winston Boron rod this weekend. Yes, I know that we make bamboo fly rods and yes, I know that a bamboo fly rod maker should not be seen with a boron rod but the story is funny. While presenting at the SE FFF show, Bill decides last minute to enter his […]

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