Facebook, oversharing and bamboo fly rods

oyster bamboo fly rod's children and big trout
POST! Okay…these photos belong on Facebook…my children and Kory with their bamboo fly rods and huge trout!

For years, Oyster Bamboo Fly Rod’s marketing department (me) has deliberately “opted out” of the Facebook phenomenon.  Deliberate or not…and among other reasons, this marketing department (me) prefers oversharing the old fashioned way (face to face with a bottle of wine).

In fact, this blog (and if you are reading this…you know that it’s fairly difficult to even find this link on our web site)  originally was a passive way to share our story a bit more in-depth with future students coming from afar.  Then, you (my flock…and you know who you are) talked me into digging a little deeper and I now must admit, I enjoy chronicling this zany little life that chose us. 

oyster bamboo fly rod making class in blue ridge ga
One of Oyster’s first Facebook photos…Bill photo bombing Riley during a class…look close.

I see Facebook as a third party presence that looms over pop culture in most situations. I won’t bore you with all of the “everybody’s very own editable reality show” references but I will say integrating “camera courage” into our lives has been fun to watch from the safe haven of  an “observer” non-participant.  So far…

Is it “post-worthy” when horses regularly cruise Main Street?  Do others find this as amusing?

I have heard from Facebook bullies advocates for years concerning  the benefits of sharing your life online…

You can keep up with your friend’s children.
I would love to but I have a hard enough time keeping up with my own!

You can reconnect with friends from your past.
See above…

Facebook allows you to play games online with your friends!

You can tell everyone “what’s on your mind”…
Do you know me at all?  Because if you do…this is not a very good suggestion.

oyster bamboo fly rods on facebook

So, you know where this is going, right?

After much cajoling from the peanut gallery Riley, Oyster Bamboo Fly Rods went Facebook official a few weeks ago.  And, even though I do not use my personal account, this little company is personal. Period.  Now I must learn how to properly navigate all of this or just move forward and maneuver as always .  For Oyster, there is no other possible approach than to just put it out there…our genuine nature.  “Like it or not”.

And then there is the cat and mouse game with the newest “age old” question:  
To Post or Not To Post!?!?  
molly at oyster bamboo fly rods workshop in blue ridge, ga

So, will this be some conversion on my part about sharing my personal, private, professional and family self more readily with zeal and vigor?  Is this blog going to end in some cathartic revelation about the integration of Facebook into my life?  

Probably not.  However, I remain flexible on this issue.

oyster bamboo fly rods on facebook

One more confession regarding why Facebook makes Oyster Bamboo Fly Rod’s marketing department (me) uncomfortable.  I was raised to keep my true personal feelings at arms-length.  Therefore,  begging asking for your approval on any level feels wrong unnatural.


I’ll employ my secret weapon (I hear animals and kids are a big hit on Facebook)

veronica oyster at oyster bamboo fly rod shop blue ridge ga


In a much more subdued voice…
please and thank you

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