Whew! 10th straight year at The Fly Fishing Show in Charlotte, NC

Whew…we left the Oyster Bamboo Fly rod workshop for the Charlotte fly fishing trade show at 9:30PM on Friday after another insane week of bamboo fly rod building. We always take the entire family. That includes us, our 5 year old son, Cutter and infant daughter, Veronica, Yogi and the grandparents (our official groupies). No rest for the weary…after being stopped by the police and a six hour drive, we arrive at our hotel that smelled suspiciously like cat pee, opened the windows to air out the room (with 40 degree temperatures) settled in around 5AM only to be awoken by our son who crawled in our double bed with us and a baby girl whooping with croup! Bill and my father (he comes along as well) got up at 7AM to set up for the trade show that officially started at 10AM. Well…the show unofficially opened at 9AM. Friday was a busy day all things considered. However…then came the snow…Charlotte had a snow storm that evening. Lots of snow…lots of ice. As soon as Cutter found out that we were snowed in…he said, “I hope this hotel has room service!” Even though there was snow and ice, and a crowd of a dozen or so…somehow, Bill still sold several bamboo fly rods. Incredible…huh! That amazes me…really! How die hard are these guys?!?! It was so dangerous out there. The roads were pure ice and these fly fishermen voluntarily went to the show! I guess it’s all worth it in the end. Trade shows are exhausting and fun at the same time. After 10 years at the same show, we have made real connections with clients and exhibitors alike. I look forward to each year at these trade shows (regardless of the snow or horrible hotel rooms)just to see everyone and so they can make jokes about Bill turning gray!

Here’s what Bill looked like when we went to our first Charlotte show 10 years ago…

Here’s what Bill looks like after building bamboo fly rods full time for almost 15 years, 2 kids and and lots of loooooong nights…

No, really. 🙂

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