Snow, Bamboo Fly Rods, Classes, more snow…oh my!

Snow days and bamboo fly rods


So…a few days of snow in North Georgia is fun and charming.


BUT, this winter has been brutal. It has snowed a lot this winter…a lot. My five year old does not even look up when it snows. However, snow or ice…Bill makes it to our bamboo fly rod shop and works.

The kids and I usually stay home on those days because it’s too dangerous on the roads. The shop is usually our second home and when we teach bamboo fly rod making classes it becomes our first home.

We had a new group of six students in town last weekend and the workshop had incredible energy and everyone had such a good time. Really! Two of our students are back for the second and third time!

The budding rodmakers stayed busy flaming, scraping and planing, Bill taught at full tilt, Veronica rolled around in her walker and Cutter tied flies! Yes, Cutter (who just turned 5) is our most gifted “Fly Tyer”!

Some mothers are so proud of their child’s academic or athletic achievement.


This mother loves her son’s passion for the fly.

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