Clichés, Relativity and Bamboo Fly Rods

Is it March?!?! Really!?!? (insert snarky teenager inflection here) Really!?!?  The older we get, the more applicable “time flies” is to our lives. We started the year strong…personally and professionally.  Well, when you make bamboo fly rods for a living the lines are divinely blurred between all of your “selves” especially professional and personal.  Wait!  […]

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Be present

19 July, 2010 Today I am 40-years-old. I have heard of people turning 40, but now it’s my turn. I suppose it should feel like “something” but it feels like any other birthday. Each year, I come to the beach and demand a chocolate filled donut in the AM and plan my day from there. […]

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Bill wins a Winston!?!?!?

So, Bill won a Winston Boron rod this weekend. Yes, I know that we make bamboo fly rods and yes, I know that a bamboo fly rod maker should not be seen with a boron rod but the story is funny. While presenting at the SE FFF show, Bill decides last minute to enter his […]

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Bamboo Fly Rods and Meatballs!

We are in the heart of bamboo fly rod making class season. And, while our days are long during the classes, we always find time at the end of each day to gather with our family and the students to talk about…well, a little bit of everything. The conversation usually starts with more bamboo talk […]

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