Oyster Bamboo Fly Rods says goodbye to summer

What?  Summer is over?!?!

Fall is near.  Our nights are cooler and the crisp air teases us until noon each day when we inevitably end up in the high 80s.  I am okay with the heat (if it’s below 70 , I swear I can see my breathe),  but most people are not as tolerant.  When I walk outside the shop on Main Street, I hear a chorus of complaining from all directions

(especially Bill and Riley).

One word…winter.  Don’t forget the alternative…winter.
But, until then, we have the magical fall to look forward to soon.

Saying goodbye to summer is always difficult for me and this one is no exception.  Here at Oyster Bamboo Fly Rods, we were very busy playing and working over the past several months.  So, if a picture is worth 1000 words…here we go…

work, work, work
play, play, play on the Frying Pan
work, work, work
play, play, play in St. George
work, work, work…hand engraved butt caps for students in one class
oyster taught 28 students this summer
PLAY!PLAY!PLAY!…once our student and now our “imported” friend Brian from Massachusetts.

work, work, work

play, play, play…Bill and Riley took up pipe smoking when I was not looking

play, play, play

Goodbye to summer…

Until we meet again…

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