Summer of 2014, Oyster’s Sequence of Events and Bamboo Fly Rods

First day of school

Fall is ON!  Summer is o-v-e-r.  Where did it go?  (see theory of relativity).  It was here…then stuff happened and now it’s in the review mirror.

Life…it’s just a sequence of events, right?  Some good awesome some bad horrendous.  It’s just that simple.  Most of us know We all know there is probably more to it than that. However, contemplating this concept does have a sting of truth to it.

Life.  Things are good. Things are bad.  Things just went from good to bad.  Wait, things are good again.  When does the other shoe drop?  Oh, just did…  Bad again.  Look…things are good again.  Oh, and that was just last Thursday!

I prefer to really relish in the good (even create our own) and navigate the bad with 15 minute increments of Italian rage with grace and dignity.

Right now…our world is so good.   I want to bottle up each day and keep it forever locked away and remain impervious to change.  However, we all know that’s not possible…and I strongly believe that if it was 70 degrees and sunny every day…the bittersweet perfection of our “sequence of events” would be lulled to sleep forever.

I will say that here at Oyster Bamboo Fly Rods, we have all worked HARD for our good.  Daily choices by all of us drive this little company.  Good.  It’s there…simple really, right?

This past summer of 2014 has been one of  THE “best” sequence of events in my adult life.

Speaking of “making your own good”…


Five years ago, a teenager (yes…nineteen years old) came to our June bamboo fly rod making class from Michigan with his father.  When we first met, I had just given birth to Veronica and Riley was a complete smartass made me laugh (genuinely laugh) within 60 seconds.  Side note…that’s my only adult requirement for any relationship (well that and don’t be an asshole.)…if you make me laugh…we are friends.  I’m a simple girl.

So, essentially Riley never left Oyster. Bill saw something in him and we offered him a job.  That kid packed up his car and drove down from Michigan in the middle of a massive snowstorm in pursuit of his “good”.  While this decision makes sense to most of the life has practically passed me by and I hate what I do for my profession and should have pursued my passion  older and wiser set, it was a bold move.  Riley left the only life he knew…including his childhood sweetheart, Quinn.

While it took some tweaking (not twearking…although that would have been funny)…Riley made a comfy life for himself in Blue Ridge, Georgia

Fast forward a few years and Quinn graduates from college.  She leaves her life as well, takes a leap and moves to Blue Ridge.  We did not know Quinn yet…this whole bamboo fly rod making thing is a pretty male dominated world.  What on earth will a real girl think?!?! Not knowing any better,  I am assuming at this point that Quinn will be repelled by at least some of the goings on in the shop. Please…don’t act surprised…we offend our own selves daily.

Well…let’s say the first evening we all went out upon her arrival…Quinn really made an impression.   She’s the gorgeous girl in the sweet dress, million dollar smile with a cold beer in one hand and a cold beer in the other.  Have I mentioned she was raised by a college football coach and she’s ashamed of our lack of football prowess around the shop?  Yes, Quinn is the “needle in the haystack”.   

 BR Brewery with Quinn

All kidding aside, these two kids grown ups have really made a life at Oyster, Blue Ridge and the world at large.  Riley and Quinn are solid people…in no small part to their parents…these two were raised by quality families that gave them both an enthusiastic push out of the nest by raising independent, thoughtful and strong human beings.

So, our summer was threaded with loads of rod work, a record number of bamboo fly rod making classes, retail follies, tourists, more bamboo fly rod making, Crossfit,  big bacon and bourbon party for Riley and Quinn, family, and most importantly…the wedding.

Riley and Quinn’s single most important event in their young sequence…

5 July, 2015

The one in the far right is my favorite…okay and the Crossfit photo is just FUN!
That’s Roni bear bottom left and Cutter as a junior groomsmen.  Pause.  Again.
Look at Quinn! 

No sooner was the wedding over…and we had to get BACK TO WORK had our July bamboo fly rod making class.

It went fabulous as usual but the day after the class unraveled the personal experience of my lifetime.

Class ended the day before my birthday.  I woke up on my birthday with a brand new
Game Of Thrones novel with two tickets to an Eco Resort in Costa Rica…for the NEXT day!

I panicked was thrilled!  Off we went a few hours later…It took one big plane, a cab ride, an overnight stay in San Jose,  a bus, one VERY small plane, another bus and a 2 hour boat ride in 5-6 foot swells in the Pacific to finally land in destination.  It was worth every second of it…another game changer…

Thank you, Bill.

Summer moves on…

More Bamboo Fly Rods…More Bamboo Fly Rod Making Classes

Bamboo fly rod making classes…and fishing
Bamboo Fly rod making and summer shop days on Main Street…
More rod work…
Bill hand engraving…
Oyster Bamboo Fly Rods
So…That’s our 70ish days of summer…I can confidently say that it was a special sequence.  And, as always…as we plow forward to our next set of self inflicted events (stay tuned), I insist on reflecting back upon this time of our lives as the best yet.
My beautiful life.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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