Confessions of A Bamboo Fly Rod Maker’s Widow

So…after 14 years, I am taking my first bamboo fly rod making class tomorrow.  Why 14 years?  Well, like many of you reading this, it’s something I have always wanted to do but life has been in the way. 

Let’s see between work, 2 small children, building a new bamboo fly rod making shop, new office, new Inn, buying the local fly shop (long story…we’ll get to that) and the generalities of life…I have every reason to say…

“I don’t have the time to take this bamboo fly rod making class.”

“I’ll do it later this year or wait until things slow down a bit in our lives.”

“I can not afford to be away from work for a week…”

“My kids will dissipate into the atmosphere (or get into blue paint)  if I am too busy to smother them.”

This is what happens when I am gone…for 5 minutes…what will happen this week?!?!?

The list goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on (to infinity).

I have come to the conclusion, like anything else, you MUST make the time to do things that are not directly related to being productive and responsible but in direct relation to evolving as a person in this lifetime.

Bill and I vibe extremely well together in every way…marriage, life, parenting, leisure and the literal work aspect of things.  The next six days will determine if we work as well together as student and teacher. 

So, stay tuned…class starts tomorrow…I will try to “evolve” my way through the week.

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