Bamboo Fly Rods and Meatballs!


We are in the heart of bamboo fly rod making class season.

And, while our days are long during the classes, we always find time at the end of each day to gather with our family and the students to talk about…well, a little bit of everything.


The conversation usually starts with more bamboo talk then moves to fish which inevitably leads to talk of life in general. I am incredibly enthusiastic about participating in these conversations but eventually the students’ stories take on a life of their own and I am left listening with fascination as these 6 completely different people become bamboo fly rod makers and friends.

The final gathering (our graduation dinner) includes a meatball throwdown! Making meatballs is my zen. Sad but true. Our most recent class ended on Friday night and in addition to the meatballs, Cutter made a chocolate-filled cake-sized cupcake. He’s so helpful. Even though they did not have advance plans to do so…the entire class ended up fishing together with their new bamboo fly rods yesterday.

In fact, General Moen, one of our students, called early in the morning to say they were resting from catching so many fish! I love it!

The gang on grad night!
…not pictured…Riley…his head got cut off! Sorry Riles!

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