Space, Time and the Bamboo Fly Rod


It’s a new year…well kind of…

can we still say it’s a new year when it is almost 7% over

(I did the “mathish” on that).

In usual form, Oyster lunged into the New Year with dust kicking up all around us oblivious to the inevitable reflection and pause experienced by most as a “New Beginning” was celebrated.

It’s just space and time, right?

The Oyster Tribe Vibe

So, we exited 2016 completely shocked that it was already over…dripping with gratitude that once again Oyster was able to flourish in every possible direction.  We dug in harder as a tribe, made several technical and creative innovations with our bamboo fly rods and explored new fly fishing destinations.

This inevitably led to a deeper understanding of ourselves, our business, our treasured clients and our beloved trade.

Oyster growth in the form of 3.6 OZ one piece and new Tibor reel collection


Of course, all of this growth exhausts me while trying to keep two children alive leads to my inevitable (yet humorous and heartwarming) reflection of another year gone.  Sigh.
If it’s just space and time and some form of inexplicable continuum of whatnot…then I really should feel privileged to remember any of it. 

fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish

And while we have already dragged out the 2018 calendar and hung it on the wall for the imminent reference…

I am present and grateful beyond words…
I am beholden to each and every moment…


Beholden to our American Dream.  It is such a privilege to have successfully taken advantage of the opportunities provided to us not only through our own grit but that of our ancestors

Beholden to each and every moment spent with our bamboo fly rod making students.  You know who you are…your presence, stories and adulation for the craft of bamboo fly rod making and fly fishing rests forever within our walls…



Beholden to the curious who unwittingly stumble into our shop on Main Street in Blue Ridge, Georgia and have a visceral reaction to our small family business...

Beholden to every dinner invite, photo sent, thank you note, bottle of wine, thoughtful gifts and trips to the general store for Cutter and Veronica…



Beholden to our Oyster bamboo fly rod clients who trust us to preserve their legacy through Bill’s hand engraving…

Beholden that we are able to raise a family and run our family business side by side…


Beholden to our clients who repeatedly choose Oyster.  YOU have no idea how much we will never take your faith in us and loyalty for granted…

Ummmm…it feels like 1997 2016 was yesterday.



But, it’s just space and time, right?

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