My tribal bamboo fly rod!

The above photo is a direct result of the following:

6 months of planning, 7 friends (including my Aunt from Seattle) and 74 hours of work (I was slow and others had to assist me…hence the “tribal” in the rod)…
Originally I had planned to write out a thoughtful blog each day of the class but that was completely unrealistic a bit ambitious.  So, where did we leave off?  I forget…but will tap into whatever memory I have left after a week of being  inundated with bamboofly rod maker responsibilities.
Riley’s sense of humor…my name is spelled Shannen!
Have I mentioned that straightening the strips almost killed me?  Again, I will not bore you.
After this week, I have a new respect on every level for Bill’s undeniable patience and seemingly endless volcano of talent.  This week was special for a myriad of reasons…
My space…brand new perspective these days.
My favorite…planing
 Strangely enough, I really enjoyed planing the rod.
Once I got into a rhythm, it was almost relaxing.
9 wt!
I have skipped about 1000 steps but do you think that I may the first person to ever build a bamboo fly rod in big hoop earrings?!?
Grip shaping
Coating wraps
My Tribe…Bill, Roni, Me, Rick, Linda, Doug, Terry, Jeff, Kathy and Riley

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